Privacy Policy

Iordered implemented this Privacy Policy to prove our commitment in protection to customer’s privacy. We handle the security of user’s information with outmost importance. Through this Privacy Policy ("Policy"), we explain the collection, disclosure and usage of your personal information. Our main objective is not by just in compliance by the law but to earn your trust.

The Policy is applicable to a user when one uses our website specifically and avails our website’s services such as searching and ordering with our affiliated stores. In providing us your information, you accept our Policies in gathering, usage, storage and sharing of your information in line with our Privacy Policy and accordance by the law. Do have time to read our policy and if anything in our policy contradicts to your safety and security, using of our website and service may be discontinued.

In using our website, you therefore acknowledge and understand our Privacy Policy and Customer Terms of Use.

I. Collection of user’s information

1. Personal Information

When you choose to use and participate in different activities in our website such as account registration and sending of email; Personal information will be collected voluntarily from you. The said information may contain a customer’s First and Last Name, Email Address, Mailing/Home address, Contact number and other similar information that proves your identity. The course of action you do in our website determines the personal information we collect. You are not obligated in providing us your personal information but do understand that without your necessary information certain features of our website won’t be able to function at it’s fullest. The use of these kind of information is for us to identify who you are. Hence, the information provided by you should be accurate and true.

2. Financial Information

Along with the gathering of personal information, payment information is required to be able to cater the order placed by the customer through our website. Payment information comprises of the user’s credit card number, debit card number, account number , apple pay, google pay, Samsung pay or collectively know as (Payment Information).

In choosing the payment option as a “Guest” the website doesn’t generate an account for you. Your provided information is stored solely in accordance in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

3. Social Media Information

In case a customer doesn’t wish to register an account with our website, we provided a feature where you can use your social media account such as Facebook and Google to complete your order. Through this feature, any personal information that you provided in your social media account may be shared with our website. Please understand that we may gather personal information through your social media account but we don’t have any access and responsibility for other uses of your personal information by your selected social media provider.

4. Geolocation Information

Given your permission, we may access and track location-based information from your mobile phone or any device that has a GPS(Global Positioning System) feature. Geolocation permissions can be changed in your device settings. In the event that you refuse our website to gather your geolocation , certain features of Iordered may not be able to render.

5. Other Information

In placing orders in our website, other information may be collected such as your history of orders and favorite menu item.

6. Derivative Information

We at Iordered aim to deliver quality experience to our customers and we made use of Google Analytics to gather information that will be beneficial to our user’s experience. No personal information will be gathered but in may consist of:

  1. the type and model of device and what Operating System it uses.
  2. what kind of web browser is used.
  3. Location where our website was accessed.
  4. Duration of using the website and what sections are frequently used. The said information will only be used by us and will never be disclosed without the customer’s consent. Through the said tool it help us to improve our website’s performance and delivery quality service to our customers.

7. Cookies

In order to enhance our user’s experience, we implemented cookies in our website. It’s role is to retain the customer’s login credentials throughout their access in Iordered, this will avoid any unnecessary logins in using our website. Several browser’s cookies are defined by default. There is an option in every browser for a user to turn off cookies. Do take note, disabling cookies in your browser may affect your ease of use in our website.

II. How is your information used?

1. Personal Information is used in our website in:

No personal information that will lead to identification of an individual will be used without the customer’s consent. Information that will be gathered through our analytics will be randomized and it will only be used in improving our services and more importantly our customer’s satisfaction.

III. How is your information shared through Iordered?

1. Your information may be shared through:

IV. Third-Party Websites

Third-party websites that are linked within our websites, including restaurants’ site and social links is not applicable to our Privacy Policy. No third-party website is included due to advertisements, these websites’ privacy policies and data privacy have not yet been verified by us. Using of third-party websites will not be held accountable by Iordered. Customer’s who take any action within third-party websites is solely done at your own risk. To avoid any unwanted situations, take time to review third party websites’ privacy policy and terms of use and if any questions may arise you can contact them to answer your inquiries.

V. Storing of Your Information

Gathered information from our customer’s will be stored for as long as it serves the purposes in line with our Privacy policy, not unless stated otherwise by the law to have a longer retention period. Your non-personal information may be stored in a cumulative and randomized method that are regulated in our Privacy Policy.

VI. Security

We at Iordered , security is important to us, however please understand that any action done through the internet will have no 100% guarantee of security. While we implement the best security methods and measures for our customer’s security we cannot assure you absolute protection from the internet. It is best to put in mind that you should only access what is only known to have a secure environment.

VII. Privacy Policy Updates

Revisions of the Privacy Policy may be done if seen necessary and may be without prior notice. The updates of the said policy shall be implemented upon posting in our Website and will include the last date it was modified. In the event that material changes must be done, a notification sent through your email or a prominent notice in our website shall be done. Do frequently review our Privacy policy for you to be updated and informed.

VIII. Contact Us

If any of our Policies have given you some uncertainties and questions you may send your inquiry with our email: a subsidiary of iordered LLC implemented this June 1, 2020.